We Charge $5.00
for all packages, tires and envelopes, per week.
We Charge $30.00 to receive Freight and $10.00 per day for storage fees.
(Freight = large objects that come on a pallet - think objects over 150lbs.)


Normal Hours
Monday - Friday  7:30am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm



cross border shipping ottawa canada

Need A US Shipping Address?

We Help Canadian Consumers Receive Their Packages
in The United States and Save Lots of Money!

cross border shipping ottawa canada

Getting a US Shipping Address has never been simpler. Our store helps thousands of Canadian customers every month receive their packages in our store, removing the need for a broker and saving costly shipping charges to Canada. This web site was designed specifically to make it easy for our Canadian customers to track packages that they have shipped within the United States. Our store is located in The Gateway Shopping Center in Ogdensburg, NY. We offer package receiving where you ship to our store. We ship to Canada too! So if you're saying "The company I'm buying my items from will not Ship to Me" - the Ship your package to us!

Is This Your First Time Using Our Service?
Our goal is to make things very simple! Learn more about how receiving packages by reading our Getting Started section. Please read this before calling with questions. Note: There is a $5 charge per item per week for our services. Shipping to Ogdensburg couldn't be easier with the UPS Store! We are ready to receive your packages.

Location, Location, Location!
The UPS Store in Ogdensburg is located 1 hour from Ottawa, Canada and just minutes from Brockville, Prescott and Smiths Falls. When you come off the bridge, take a right on Rt. 37 and drive straight to the first shopping plaza. You will see Lowes, Price Chopper and other stores ... we are at the other end of that plaza. Wal-Mart is just across the street.

Is Your Package Ready To Be Picked Up At Our Store?
Use the search box below to determine if you have any parcels at our store. Type the first few letters of your name into the search box and click search.

Tips For A Successful Pickup

Our primary goal is to make each package retrieval to go as smooth as possible. We encourage our customers to do the following before coming over to pickup your package:

Have A Tracking Number
The most important item you can bring to our store is your tracking number. Without that number, if we have a difficult time locating your package - we may be unable to determine if your package has successfully been delivered to our store. We understand that not all shippers will provide you with a tracking number - especially when dealing with independent shippers from Ebay and It is your responsibility to ask them outright for this tracking number. You may also want to track your packages with the three major shippers - UPS, FedEx and USPS. We offer tracking services for these services right on this site.

Know What You've Purchased
Our customers sometimes come into the store not knowing what they're picking up. In order to ensure that our staff can find your package as quickly as possible it's good to tell them what size of a box they are going to go looking for. The faster we can get you your packages and get you checked out = the faster we can serve the next customer.

Bring US Funds
In order for you to move through the checkout quickly, we ask that you bring US funds. We understand that your dollar is worth more - however, our banks in the US charge us for changing your money into US funds. It's much simpler and faster if you have US funds or a credit card. We DO NOT accept Canadian Debit cards as our computer systems will not accept them.

We Offer a US Shipping Address To The Following Areas

Ottawa, Canada - Kanata, Canada  - Richmond, Canada  - Buckingham, Canada - Rockland, Canada - Thurso, Canada - Winchester, Canada - Kemptville, Canada - Almonte, Canada - Carleton Place, Canada - Casselman, Canada - Chesterville, Canada - Arnprior, Canada - Papineauville, Canada - Smiths Falls, Canada